Foolproof Ways To Fix Talent Acquisition

You know how much better talent acquisition is when your managers and leaders do their bit. It’s magical! Candidate experience is off the charts. Heck, even rejected candidates are happy. So why don’t all managers and leaders understand the importance of talent acquisition?

Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier is on a mission to end collaboration chaos that occurs between recruiters and hiring managers and leads to clunky recruitment processes and a poor candidate experience. She is one of 2 people globally delivering design-thinking workshops specifically for talent acquisition; workshops that swiftly help companies fix the real issues preventing successful hiring in as little as one day. She is also Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter and The Damage of Words, a Mentor, and a global keynote speaker. Katrina is an Ambassador for Hope for Justice charity, and you’ll find her on LinkedIn and on Instagram & Twitter @KatrinaMCollier.
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