Speaker Rudi Bauer
Rudi Bauer

Managing Director WeAreDevelopers


Rudi Bauer has 28 years of management and leadership experience in the telecom, IT and advertising industries. Born in Austria, he has always had a particular penchant for topics related to the complex relationships between companies and people. He devoted more time to this interest from 2018 to summer 2020 in his role as Chief Evangelist for StepStone. Since August 2020, he has been CCO and Managing Director at WeAreDevelopers, responsible for building sales and customer excellence and internationalization. In addition, he is also co-founder of the Viennese agency active concepts with a focus on corporate culture, coaching, strategy consulting and team development. Due to his broad range of experience, Rudi Bauer inspires as an expert with profound know-how and best-practice examples for everyday recruiting, a critical view of current trends in the HR industry and a differentiated view of HR-relevant social and demographic changes.
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