Speakers 2023

Meet an impressive selection of industry experts and thought leaders. Our list of speakers combines expertise, experience, and passion. Each of them brings unique insights and know-how to make the event an unforgettable learning experience. Browse the page and learn more about the inspiring individuals who will be taking our stage.

York Lemb See more

York Lemb

Host Job Podcast

Michael Witt See more

Michael Witt

Founder LebensweltRecruiting

Sergej Zimpel See more

Sergej Zimpel

Sergej Zimpel

Daniel Mühlbauer See more

Daniel Mühlbauer

Experte für People Tech HR Datenliebe | Der People Tech Blog

Michael Diekow See more

Michael Diekow

CTO For Suxess e.K., Stand C.09

Peter Holdenried See more

Peter Holdenried

Head of Sales Retorio GmbH, Stand J.21

Carl Hoffmann See more

Carl Hoffmann

COO & Co-Founder CleverConnect

Friederike Kracht See more

Friederike Kracht

Project Managerin Sales & Customer Success JobCloud HR Tech GmbH

Martina Kix See more

Martina Kix

Chefredakteurin ZEIT Campus Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius GmbH & Co. KG, Stand G.10

Arnim Wahls See more

Arnim Wahls

Executive Vice President DACH Radancy

Martin Tillert See more

Martin Tillert

Partner Director Globalization Partners International Ireland Limited

Norman Zander See more

Norman Zander

Director Strategy Talent Attraction Raven51 AG, Stand H.07

Madeleine Timmer See more

Madeleine Timmer

VP B2B Marketing HeyJobs GmbH

Annette Deufel See more

Annette Deufel

Geschäftsführerin Königsteiner Services GmbH

Philipp Theege See more

Philipp Theege

Head of Sales Digital KÖNIGSTEINER GmbH, Stand G.07

Maximilian Hönle See more

Maximilian Hönle

Account Executive DACH Personio GmbH

Tom Wiegand See more

Tom Wiegand

CEO Jobvector jobvector GmbH

Cameron Pauly See more

Cameron Pauly

Account Manager meinestadt.de GmbH

Sergej Zimpel See more

Sergej Zimpel

Vorstand Purple Squirrel Society

Michel Ganouchi See more

Michel Ganouchi

Leiter Kompetenzzentrum Arbeitgeberattraktivität Migros-Gruppe

Chris Dorner See more

Chris Dorner

Geschäftsführung Sales & Customer Success JobCloud HR Tech GmbH

Nils Wagener See more

Nils Wagener

Geschäftsführer Königsteiner GmbH

Felix Hansen See more

Felix Hansen

General Manager Germany JobTeaser GmbH

Ulrich Rust See more

Ulrich Rust

Jobware GmbH

Markus Dehm See more

Markus Dehm

Senior Manager Personalmarketing ADAC SE

Sven Konzack See more

Sven Konzack

Geschäftführer Staffery GmbH

Steffen Michel See more

Steffen Michel

Geschäftsführer MHM HR GmbH, Stand H.11

Philipp Reik See more

Philipp Reik

Projektleiter MHM HR GmbH, Stand H.11

Patric Cloos See more

Patric Cloos

Director Strategy – Talent Attraction Raven51 AG, Stand H.07

Rabea Nikolay See more

Rabea Nikolay

HR Consultant WashTec AG, Stand H.07

Roland Barnsteiner See more

Roland Barnsteiner

Vice President Human Rescources WashTec AG, Stand H.07

Pia Büßecker See more

Pia Büßecker

Co-Founder The metagame AI GmbH

Eren Cakar See more

Eren Cakar

Head of Sales BITE GmbH, Stand C.02

Natascha Schweiger See more

Natascha Schweiger

Global Business Development lingoking GmbH

Tobias Scholz See more

Tobias Scholz

Professor für Academic Esports Universität Agder, Norwegen

Markus Dreier See more

Markus Dreier

Teamlead Direct Sales & B2B Project Manager hokify GmbH

Marc Loewert See more

Marc Loewert

Senior Sales Manager SaaS softgarden e-recruiting GmbH

Christian Baier See more

Christian Baier

Key Account Manager softgarden e-recruiting GmbH

Jonas Krömer See more

Jonas Krömer

Gründer skillconomy GmbH

Melanie Baier See more

Melanie Baier

Recruiting Specialist Webasto, Stand G.12

Matthias Wolf See more

Matthias Wolf

CRO DACH Radancys Mitarbeiter-werben-Mitarbeiter Programm

Timm Henric Schröder See more

Timm Henric Schröder

Director Customer Growth onlyfy by XING - part of NEW WORK SE

Julien Bick See more

Julien Bick

Mitarbeiter Personalmarketing & Personalbindung Westnetz GmbH, Stand E.08

Jörn Klick See more

Jörn Klick

Senior Account Manager trendence Institut GmbH

Linda Bischoff See more

Linda Bischoff

Talent Acquisiton Manager Amazon, Stand E.08

Pauline Hubert See more

Pauline Hubert

Presales Cegid SAS

Gereon Otto See more

Gereon Otto

Senior Sales Executive DACH Cegid SAS

Karoline Bierlich See more

Karoline Bierlich

Head Of Communication / Corporate Development Talk’n’Job by ApplyZ GmbH / Stand: H.14-B

Patrick Cavalier See more

Patrick Cavalier

Berater Personalmarketing & Employer Branding Wollmilchsau GmbH

Alice Batt See more

Alice Batt

FREENOW for Business

Amir Bohnenkamp See more

Amir Bohnenkamp

Managing Dorector Heyflow GmbH

Michael Vorderstraße See more

Michael Vorderstraße

Commercial Director Amadeus FiRe, Stand E.08

Daniel Toscano See more

Daniel Toscano

Referent Kandidatenmanagement onlyfy by XING - part of NEW WORK SE

Franziska Mangels See more

Franziska Mangels

Moderatorin onlyfy by XING - part of NEW WORK SE

José David Arteaga Alvarez See more

José David Arteaga Alvarez

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Manager Tipico Co. Ltd., Stand E.08

Meike Bausch See more

Meike Bausch

Community Managerin The Adecco Group, Stand E.08

Mario Schioccet See more

Mario Schioccet

HR Rookies

Emily Tiele See more

Emily Tiele

HR Rookies

Valentin Gräter See more

Valentin Gräter

HR Rookies

Vanessa Reynolds See more

Vanessa Reynolds

Geschäftsführerin Candidized

Jana Annies See more

Jana Annies

HR Rookies

Curley Fiedler See more

Curley Fiedler

HR Rookies

Christoph Schneppe See more

Christoph Schneppe

Head of Business Solutions Stepstone

Dennis Boecker See more

Dennis Boecker

VP DACH SmartRecruiters GmbH

Helena Schneider See more

Helena Schneider

Teamleiterin HR Marketing und Employer Branding Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller

Kelly Roth See more

Kelly Roth

Spezialist Recruiting / Employer Branding SPIE Deutschland & Zentraleuropa

Manuel Dautel See more

Manuel Dautel

Founder & CEO Squickr

Steffen Ruf See more

Steffen Ruf

Head of Recruiting Biberach Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Julia Betz See more

Julia Betz

Referentin Personalmarketing Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH

Alexander Kolke See more

Alexander Kolke

HR-Manager Recruiting Go-Ahead Verkehrsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH

Jan Kirchner See more

Jan Kirchner

Geschäftsführer Wollmilchsau GmbH

Dino Sanna See more

Dino Sanna

Director Business Unit Talent compleet group GmbH

Jonas Nordholt See more

Jonas Nordholt

Senior Expert Brand Communication Raven51 AG

Jonas Fartaczek See more

Jonas Fartaczek

Geschäftsführer Complus Media

Fabian Erhard See more

Fabian Erhard

Team Lead Marketing Communications joblocal GmbH

Leonie Tholey See more

Leonie Tholey

Account Managerin Workwise GmbH

Anastasia Bauer See more

Anastasia Bauer

Employer Branding & Content Specialist Studydrive GmbH

Jan Kirchner See more

Jan Kirchner

Geschäftsführer Wollmilchsau GmbH

Robert Neuhann See more

Robert Neuhann

Recruitment Lead DACH Accenture Song

Patrick Wiederhake See more

Patrick Wiederhake

Managing Partner Profil M Beratung für Human Resources Management GmbH & Co. KG Resources Management GmbH & Co. KG

Friederike Baer See more

Friederike Baer

Manager Employer Branding & Recruiting D-CH DS Smith Packaging Deutschland Stiftung & Co. KG

Sebastian Brost See more

Sebastian Brost

Geschäftsführer nativDigital GmbH

Gunnar Merbach See more

Gunnar Merbach

Geschäftsführer levelUP - Wir helfen Unternehmen, selbst erfolgreich zu rekrutieren

Michael Witt See more

Michael Witt

Founder LebensWelt Recruiting

Madeleine Kern See more

Madeleine Kern

Gründerin Personalmarketing Kern

Johanna Hartz See more

Johanna Hartz

Managerin Unternehmensstrategie Wollmilchsau GmbH

Lukas Brandstetter See more

Lukas Brandstetter

Talent Acquisition Lead DACH DANONE

Felix Köhnecke See more

Felix Köhnecke

Salesmanager rexx systems GmbH, Stand H.16

Barbara Hartung See more

Barbara Hartung

Account Manager Talent.com, Stand H.14-A

Patrick Scheer See more

Patrick Scheer

Geschäftsführer emplify emplify

Stephanie Bühl See more

Stephanie Bühl

Senior HR Consultant Recruiting Lidl Stiftung

Marcus Merheim See more

Marcus Merheim

Founder hooman Employer Marketing

Annika von Mutius See more

Annika von Mutius

Co-Founder Empion GmbH

Felix Adam See more

Felix Adam


Bastian Lehmkuhl See more

Bastian Lehmkuhl

HR Performance Marketing Strategy Deutsche Bahn

Nina Frühling See more

Nina Frühling

Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Deutsche Bahn

Tilman Prusseit See more

Tilman Prusseit

Leitung Agenturen Regio-Jobanzeiger GmbH & Co. KG

Alina Mertens See more

Alina Mertens

jobvector GmbH, Stand C.01

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